Projekt Sommarmatchen 2019

Market search for customers in the area of indoor air quality control


Today, awareness is high of the importance to control indoor air environment also regarding toxic volatile organic compounds at ultra-low levels. The sensor system of DANSiC AB performs this control.


Your task will be to find new customers for a company aiming at the development and commercialization of innovative gas sensor systems in the field of indoor air quality monitoring and control, aiming to improve people´s well-being and comfort and reduce allergies and other more severe health problems. You will participate in brain storming sessions within the company around possible market areas, aiming at customers with a mass market approach but also to consider the announcement value, which also a smaller market may have.

Your tasks will include:
- Study to learn the basics about the Chemical sensor system of DANSiC AB
- Brain storming sessions within the company including also our Innovation Adviser at LiU Holding to come up with new business areas
- Survey of the new business areas
- Establish a ranking list in terms of business opportunity
- Market search for potential customers in these new areas


You perfectly match if you find the presented project important for the public and if you have an interest in
- Innovative new ideas around marketing
- Market research
- Contacting people

You should:
- Be creative
- Be both team player and self-contained
- Appreciate to take initiative
- Know about communication strategies for finding new customers

Vad ger det studenter?

You will get knowledge in the rapidly growing and expanding market of chemical sensors with data processed by statistical evaluation methods. Furthermore, you will get experience and knowledge in the indoor air quality control market, which continuously grows with increasing complexity. Your work will give you knowledge in marketing and communication strategies and how to evaluate different markets regarding revenue possibilities, especially in the segment of DANSiCs business area. You will establish contacts with industry in the area of air quality monitoring for health, environment, and automotive applications (cabin air). You will work in a stimulating environment within a team of experienced researchers with a strong industrial as well as academic network. After the project, it is our hope that you find your work so interesting that you would like to consider running a diploma work or take on other job opportunities.

Anmäl intresse


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