Projekt Sommarmatchen 2019

Changing the Horizon


Horizon Graphs are a space-efficient technique to visualize many variables. But they can also be confusing. With this project you will change the horizon by developing new visualization techniques.


Part 1 - Brainstorm new prototypes as an improvement of the existing one with the investigators.
Part 2 - Implement the new creatively improved method in HTML5, D3.js and other web-based libraries. The final tool will be made available on github for the visualization research community to use.


The student will be given by the investigators a summary on the current visualization techniques and their problems. They will be explained our research goal and the steps needed to achieve them and will be invited to help in the creativity sessions as well as the coding of the found solutions. Then by prototyping the new ideas, the student can iterate this with the researcher and get feedback. Further, the student will use his/her creativity combined with programming skills to implement this new method. The student is not restricted on how to improve it nor how to implement it, apart from being web-based with D3.js.

The student is mostly expected to help in the prototyping of research ideas found by the main investigators. He/she will be assisted by the investigators with whom he/she will share a github repository. The investigators will then use the prototype delivered by the student to integrate into a user study.

This task is suitable for students of design, product development, media technologies, cognitive sciences, statistics, or many more. An interest in data visualization is a plus.

Vad ger det studenter?

With this matching, the student gains research experience. The student will learn how to take an existing idea and improve it for better use. Since the prototype developed by the student with the investigators will be shared through github with the visualization community, it will be a good addition to the student’s portfolio as well as their resume.

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